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Transforming People's Life and evolving them as better citizens is the Motto of Ek Nayee Disha Foundation. Ek Nayee Disha was founded as an NGO established with an objective of inculcating such values amongst children. Focusing on the government schools in the backward areas, the Foundation works with the twin principles of extending academic and emotional support to the children and strengthening the infrastructural facilities in the schools. Making a village school the nodal point, the Foundation builds teams consisting of village elders, youth and alumni of the school. These teams working in tandem with the parents and teachers of the school actively involve the students in various constructive and creative activities.


Learning and development for the youth and women empowerment. Character building, indeed, begins in the classroom. Not many realize the imperative of inculcating right values in the formative stage which is the classroom. If we look back and reflect on what has been happening, we sadly realize that all sorts of fissiparous tendencies have entered our society. Towards neutralizing such tendencies, it is important to make everyone realize that individuals are not brought up in isolation; their growth is intrinsically linked to various things most importantly, their school, their family, and the nation, therefore they have a responsibility towards them.


Ek Nayee Disha aims to realize this vision by working with the four major stakeholders, viz.

  • Serving society by helping elderly care
  • Students studying in government schools
  • Teachers employed in government schools
  • Society, comprising of parents of the students, the village communities, and other well wishers
  • Government, represented by the Department of Education and any other relevant agencies.
  • To provide quality education to the rural children
  • To inculcate moral values and patriotism in them
  • To provide them with academic support
  • To strengthen their cultural ethos
  • To promote education of girls.
  • To strive to instill the ideals and teachings of Swami Vivekananda and Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam among the students.
  • To take up activities aimed at expanding their horizon

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